March 09, 2010

Yeah, some of you might do not like Miley Cyrus and I respect you for that though I do not know why {do not want to know, it is not my thing T_T}. Everybody has a right so be it. :-) Alright, it is Music Monday (MM) again and this time I am featuring the song "When I look At You" by an apparent singer I introduced already --- Miley Cyrus. Below is the music video from her concert Hope for Haiti last year (October 25th). I was touched of this song and I have to say "this song is great!" . My hair skins stands up {I actually play again and again, still playing it now} as hearing this song. I just do not know the feeling but I can assure it is a great one, I recon. I thought at first glance of this title as something negative but as I view it, you know already what I say as I already told it twice already and for the third time I have to say it is awesome! She sing sang and deliver it well aside from the thought of the song is cool in general --- the essence of love. By the way, I got the idea of this music {though she let forwarded the lyric video only, I find this cool for this entry but the official video is exceptional for me --- I just cannot put it here for some reason} by a Plurk buddy, Ipod_Nana. Thanks to her. Oops, I do not want this to go further because I wanted to hear it again and perhaps you also wanted to watch and hear it now. So, here it is {and let me know what yah think afterwards through commenting :-) }:

music video in courtesy of YouTube
If you like to see and watch more of my MM entry, it's in here . Enjoy and happy viewing...
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Have a great week. Happy MM! (~_~)
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  1. Nessa said...
    Hi Cacai :)

    I'm admit not a fan of Miley but I must say the song's OK for me. It's a bit screechy, maybe because it's recorded live. I'm sure the studio version sounds much better.

    Thanks for listening in to my MM pick and for your comment. Have a lovely day :D

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