March 15, 2010

An aunt-in-law of mine who is the widow of my uncle started her business a year and a half ago. She has bakery business which she manages smoothly until now. She has one helper and her daughter also can help her doing some errands shopping for stuffs needed on her bakery day after day. It is not that booming but at least it is not also in down, she gets her basic needs on her bakery small business and thinks that is her livelihood having her life back. She said it is tough for her without my uncle on her side but that is life and she has to overcome it whatever happens. Things happen for a reason and I am glad she sharply put it in her mind behind all the trials she has. Since she has her small business which is bakery, she thinks of expanding its exposure through handing up business cards to her prospect clients on her cakes and breads trade. Since she is not working in government office, she sees to it that she has her business cards whenever she goes so she could give it to whoever wants to see and buy whatever she has in store for the buyers. Stuffs like that business card is important in business so the customers can get it and read anytime they want to. It has her business' telephone number, address and the products in her small store as like any other business cards you can see. I hope her for the best on her small business so she will be busy every now and then so she cannot think every minute of my uncle's presence as to say that life must go on and she has to do it for herself despite of the circumstances. I wish her all the best because she's one of a kind.


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