February 05, 2010

pork tocino

It is already Friday! Ooh did I say, it is already Friday? Oops yes, it is. This also means to me that I have to get back to my usual routine on weekends beginning Friday (DH won't work during Fridays up to Sundays yet still have 40 hours per week of his work---think it, how... hehehe..), preparing breakfast by my own hands. I used to do it for this days because DH usual moment is he did not eat breakfast during his working days. All I do that days are ironing his upper shirt/suit, give water for his medicine and making sure that I remind him of his stuff like things to carry going to work or stuffs like that. And so, one day I saw this pork tocino in the market, it was my first time by the way, and bought one pack because I feel eating it aside from let my DH taste. Then the following morning, I did but unfortunately I was the only one ate because he did not felt like eating such that time. He was and currently still on his two pieces of toast bread with butter and other one toast with jam or jelly with boiled or scrambled eggs, then sausage and bacon (sometimes) then as always his fruit juice with four ice cubes. And mine, got the toast breads and the tocino with boiled eggs with coffee and milk (sometimes)--mostly I just drink water or milk. And so, would you care exchange with your pork tocino there? heheh.. just kidding aside, the question is-- do you like tocino for breakfast like I do? What's your favorite breakfast or brunch? Whatever it is, happy eating... :-)


  1. katherine said...
    ahak..breakfast na nimo Cai..ako kay lunch namo karon..ako diay ning picturan hahahaha.

    oi nice imo LO dah pero waz pa ni nim mahuman? where's the shout box hehe
    Cacai M. said...
    heheh.. halah picture-ri for diary.. heheh.. thanks Te Kat.. by the way, oo wla pa ni nahoman ang mga caricatures.. lol... the cbox is on the right side below the labels.. I will have to put something in there too so it can be noticed.. muahh!

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