February 05, 2010

First time I started blogging, I was so naive on what are the ways and means to start it up and running pretty okay. I was reading and all the reading about anything about what blogging is. I found some cool information, some are just not a good one to read on for what I wanted to find. It's the process and the stuffs evolve around its name. I know it is not that easy because I am not that so familiar with the html, codes, templates and stuffs like that. I had a lot of reading and that consumed my time but informational--it sound complaining but I am not. I got it more on my self-help and also was lucky enough that whenever I had something wanted to that I think they knew more, they were ready to help. Thanks to my online virtual friends. Speaking of self-help, I also find ways and means to submit my this blog to several directories. I also spent a lot of time with that. This time, there are a lot of free directory submission already that let you submit your blog/s that you think you like it provided some cool information. You may feel like to submit it there or not it is up to you but perhaps you already know how important is a website to be indexed. The final decision is yours.


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