February 18, 2010

As I seen my grandparents and my father building their own house, I could say it is not easy. It requires hard work or if not a money to put it up if you are not a carpenter and wants other professional to build it for you. The materials prices are increasing as well as human labor too. It is also imaginable that if you do not have enough bucks for the construction and such, the time length is longer as ever you could imagine especially if it is built through metal buildings construction materials but I could say the construction will be worth it because of its sturdiness and the lasting preference. I (with my DH) hope to have a house one day but I do not know if it is made of metal ones because of its cost. I just wish to have. (~_~)


  1. grace said...
    taga camiguin diay ka cai.. where sa camiguin? we have a church there... cdo amo.
    Cacai M. said...
    Yep Te Grace, I grew up in Magting, Mambajao of my maternal grandparents(Flores) and my paternal relatives(Ranara) is in Poblacion, Mahinog te.. but we're not rich huh but opposite.. heheh.. confession 101 jud ko te.. heheh.. by the building a church or house is a daunting task te, isn't it? Thanks for being here Te Grace.. ~hugs~

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