February 18, 2010

We all know that our health is our basic wealth, if there is something happen or even just a little malfunction on any of our parts or senses, it would then be hard for us to get what we desire to the utmost of our strength because there is something lacking in it. If an individual is obese, then there will is always a possibility of what I said. With that, it is always a consideration of being of panic if one think that she/he is about there or is there. It is a struggle and a determination of burning calories in order to get the desired weight. I have come to know about Philips invention which is technology-developed by Philips Research and Netherlands-based, and highly rated, Maastricht University and that device named "DirectLife". This device (DirectLife) is a non-invasive personal-activity monitor which is good for your Fitness Goals that fit in a pocket, around the neck, or on a belt while it measures the energy expended by its wearer throughout the day. The unit plugs into a computer to upload the information it collected into the manufacturer’s Web site. That information is then analyzed and results in suggestions and recommendations being offered to achieve the optimal daily energy consumption.

As to what it has been discussed further, the DirectLife is waterproof. It can go just about anywhere, either if you are in your favorite swimming pool, beach outing as staying in Luxury beach hotels, or lake swimming. In addition of the information of this device, there are nine lights on the front of the unit that lets the wearer know how much energy percentage-wise has been spent for the day. The goal is to get six of those nine lights to go green by the day’s end for a 100-percent grade. So if you like to know the calories you burn and you like the device handy and convenient, then DirectLife device is ready to help you. Consider its help with your energy and calorie count for your weight loss fitness goal.


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