February 17, 2010

deep-fried tilapia fish dinner w/ french fries, fried rice, corn tortilla, beans and salad

That was from fast-food resto foodies to which the names are just below the image. That was my food as dinner for me with green lemonade. I do not like the tortilla and salad in the image personally so I just let it go. DH understands so it's okay to put it to where it just right. I then indulge myself eating the other foods I like with bare hands at the house :-), dip the deep-fried tilapia to my home made vinaigrette (made of vinegar, soy sauce, tomato, onion and a little lemon) and munch in! (~_~) The tilapia is a highlight of mine because I usually order red snapper or catfish, or grilled salmon but because I can imagine the awesome smell of it, I then let my DH get it and to my surprised it was big and so yummm-o! It is meaty and I got what I imagined. I was having a good time with our dinner. Then suddenly, I came to remember my diet. Ooh no diet that time, I let my tummy bulge.. lol... Perhaps if I continue eating more than my body needs made me think that perhaps one day would be checking on some quick weight loss stuff. Whew! My gosh... Anyway, my DH partner got his choice of fried cat fish with tartar sauce and some other sauces like hot sauce and such, french fries, macaroni and cheese, french cobbler then paired with pink lemonade. We had a blast! :-)


  1. Cecile said...
    oh, nakakagutom naman yung tilapia mo...sarap isaw saw sa patis at kalamansi.
    Cacai M. said...
    Oo nga Te Ces, at nagugutom na din ako ngayon.. (mmmmm).. Thanks for being here Te Ces.. muahhh!
    Dhemz said...
    gosh! kalami..asa mani nimo g order madam sis...eheheh!

    galaway ko sa imong g order woi....:)

    busy kaau imong life...maau paka da....sos ako mingaw pas iring nga naka igit...ehhehe! joke!
    Cacai M. said...
    nyahaha.. makatawa mn lang ko sa imong comment nga madam sis oi.. lol.. ay gi-order sa akong DH did2 sa downtown LA ya suki.. heheh.. ganahan mn jud xa did2 mn gud.. ahh pasagdan ag-ingn mn pod nga wla mn pod daw xa buha2n lain og ganahan mn jud xa ato nga fast food.. og wait lang madam sis.. mga pila ka days 'ata buhagay na imong mga opps dha.. heheheh.. thanks for being here madam sis.. ~hugs~ :-)

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