February 17, 2010

steamed bun which pork and some vege is its filling

fresh from the market "siopao"

I am not sure if you are familiar with this food I mentioned above or perhaps you are familiar but you do not like its taste. Well it depends upon your taste bud or what choice of filling you like actually. It comes in different filling like pork, mung "monggo" beans, variety of veges, and some filled it with beef meat. Which one you like? As for myself I like the steamed bun be filled with mung beans sometimes I like the pork filled too. As for the image above, I do like it but it is not that much I do not know but the fillings are quiet something or perhaps my taste-bud is not good at it now... hem mm... that is why I have still three pieces in the refrigerator. I put it on the top side or the one that it froze s up so it would not spoil as to its normal spoilage time when it just put in normal coldness of the ref. What about you, do you like this food or is this your first time to see this such? What do you think, would you try it the next time you encounter this? I hope you all the best!


  1. nurseabie said...
    Nakakagutom naman!hehe.Dami delicious food!
    Cacai M. said...
    Hehehe.. this is just only sometimes Abie dear.. oizztt congrats in advance pala for your incoming wedding.. ~hugs and kisses~

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