January 24, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

Usually I could only see people who smoke cigars at television and it is commonly a person who is a boss or at a high position. I could say the cigar image at the right side is mostly use by elite individual. This is by the way called in Philippines as "tobacco" or "tabako" in bisaya dialect. "Tabako" is mostly smoke by older adults and I could remember my step grandmother (deceased now) did used to smoke like this. My step grandma isn't rich but to them smoking cigar is better than cigarettes because the nicotine isn't that much---that's what I heard on my grandma. We even have a plant that she could get whenever it is already good to make for tobacco.

Haaay if only she's still alive would this be a good gift for her. Now I could say cigars are not only for men but for women. I could say women because there were also older women adults smoking tobacco or a fancy one called "cigars".. Hemmmm.. do you think it's cool this for a gift to those who loves smoking like this? I am also wondering how safe is this to the passive individuals just how cigarettes affect more to the passive(inhales the smoke but not the user) than an active(the smoker) individual. This could also be a good gift to person who fond of this, I think so.


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