January 24, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

broiled catfish fillet, corn, rice w/ gravy

A typical dinner of DH is through broiling. It is either beef, fish, pork, steaks, or chicken as long as it's broiled. Broiling by the way is similar to grilling but only it is done through microwave. I know mostly of you know but to this is to those who's confuse. Broiling food is easy. All cook would do is warm up the broiler while putting spices, salt or the easy seasoned salt (ingredients in it: salt, sugar, corn starch, yellow 5 or 6, red 40, and blue 2, natural flavors, silicon dioxide--anticaking agent) to the meat. And then put into oven for the desired minutes. Usually for fish is of every half an inch thick it's five to 10 minutes turning upside down twice or until it is fully cook.

The husband likes to have his dinner with corn or sometimes greens heated, then steamed rice with gravy at the top. Then paired with juice drink with ice. Yep, with ice even if it's winter time. That's just what he like so give to what his taste content.

As for me, I do love vegetables more than meat and often like grilled foods, broiled too. What about you, do you love broiled meat?

Enjoy eating...


  1. kathy said...
    Ayayay! KA-lami ani sis.. Gutmon man pud ta ani oi...

    Cacai M. said...
    hehe.. 'nahan pod diay ka og catfish sis.. :-)
    *MrsMartinez* said...
    I surely can get chills when drinking drinks with ice especially if we dine in an airconed restaurant. How much more if it's winter time lol xoxo
    Cacai M. said...
    Oooh yeah pretty Mrs. Martinez, I don't know he likes it with ice even in winter. It's weird but that's what he likes.. so.. heheh.. thanks for being here ganda.. muahhh! :-)

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