January 24, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

A close friend of mine already passed her written examination and of course it's a cool feeling knowing that she passed it as take one. She was being taught by her beloved husband then.. Since she already know a little about driving knowing that she has currently own a scooter (looks like a motorbike but less only less amp motor). She usually drives it going to and fro on her job location which is just nearby her home though mostly her husband drives her. She then like to practice driving. Her husband urge to get a car insurance so she could practice more to the next level. They are now currently looking for an affordable one. Her husband thinks to get an insurance quote and looking for a good car insurance review from customers and then draws out which think is better. I hope she can drive then as what her heart desires.. I know it's not that hard (learning to drive) for her. I hope all will be well and am just hoping for the best for my buddy. Keep going my friend.. I know you can do it.. I hope her all the best and all the best in you! muahhh!


  1. analou said...
    Ako ganing ni Beck. Bitaw, we are looking for an affordable auto insurance. It's very expensive kasi our insurance right now and adding me to the insurance makes it worse. Medyo kabalo nako magdrive baje. One of this day baasin makalaag ko diha sa inyoha nga ako na magdrive.
    Cacai M. said...
    oizzt.. lagi, bantay lang jud ka.. hehehe.. ayo2x baje.. I hope nga mkakuha na jud ka driver's license for you car and of course your insurance.. muahh!

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