November 14, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Technology has come into getting better everyday. Peeps getting bigger and bigger as well. Most women tends to get big after getting married especially after having a baby. The question is how to get fit?

When one is engage into sports, there is also a big possibility when one does it regularly. Doing household chores is one of doing exercise as well like scrubbing, sweeping, doing laundry, etc. Doing exercise at least 3o minutes to one hour a day like any of these: body stretching, doing brisk walking, jogging, taebo, stretching, and a lot more are good ways too. Some also lessen their intake or do both.

There are lot of ways of getting fit. There are peeps taking weight loss pills and achieved good results. No need for exercise and diet. Just get the right one and see if it's FDA approved and you're on your way on your desired weight. Just pick the best one. Self-discipline here is important. You can also talk to your doctor if it's good for you. Do your best thinking skill. Ask help from expert. Talk to your physician first if it's good for your body.

Whatever it is, make sure it is of your best interest. Take good care of your health since health is wealth!

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  1. David Funk said...
    There are plenty of ways to lose weight, and pills have always been popular.

    I think people should check out your new movie LOL for another possible way to lose weight! Hahahaha.

    Nice post, Cacai!

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