November 12, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

durian fruit

Durian for me is the most expensive fruit among others. It originates in some Southeast Asian Countries and even grow just in there until now. This fruit only grows in places with tropical climate. It has been said that this is the king of all fruits. There are a lot of vitamins can be found in durian. But pregnant women and people who have high-blood pressure are advised not to consume. About its odor, mostly don't like it, but some finds it fragrant.

I admit I don't eat this fruit until I was on second year college. Back then I can't stand its odor. Until all of the people (at my Uncle's house) surrounds me were craving of it! Still it is a no-no to me. Not until my late Uncle Nardz taught me how to eat this fruit. He told me that once I tasted, I will crave for more. Surprisingly, it was true! I even love the smell as the time went on. The smell is fragrant to me. Ooh well, do you know that one piece(shown the image above) costs $3.39 w/out tax? Yep, it is! All over the world whatever the currency is, for me durian is the most expensive among the fruits.

By the way, how did my Uncle convinced me to ate it? He let me pressed my nose and didn't breath for a second, then indulge the little amount and on and on.. I don't know if it will work for you but it worked for me. (~_~) I am glad to love this fruit even though the odor is stinky, it is even prohibited to carry in the public transportation and public places. When sold in the market, it has to be sold like the above image (covered with soft cellophane) or whole in a distinct place. Exporters carried this fruit through putting in container or in a private van and shipment. It could be carried individually through a mesh bag since it has a thorn.

Do you like to eat durian? Do you love its taste or even smell? Why and why not?


  1. Lulu said...
    durian... ewwwwwwwwww
    Khim said...
    Can I have some..?
    Dhemz said...
    hahhaha...kuyaw sad ang pag convinced sa imong uncle sis kay sampong man diay sa ilong....ako I have no problem at all....sos kalami sa durian....kaso lang mahal kaau....:)

    maau paka sis naka palit ka diha...wala man ko ana ka kita dire tawon woi....laway sad ko da....:)

    sensya ha karon lang ko kabalik...busy ko sa skul man jud....dugay nako wala kag blog hop sa uban tawon....:)

    woi thanks for letting me know about the viagra comment on my kitchen...ahahha..nalipat ko ato da...gosh kaulit kaau ning mga spammers...:)

    sige madam sis...night night nako..mwah!
    Chie Wilks said...
    it's good nga kabalu naka ani mokaon sis.i try na nimu ni..until now I am still trying to eat this pero agi lagi ani iyang smell humotan ra biya unta ko..pero inig kaon na di ko ganahan...daghan rba unta nig vitamins
    chubskulit said...
    Actually di pa ako nakakakita ng durian na fresh hehehe.. candy lang ang natikman ko... followed u in FB too..
    shydub said...
    Durian yummmmmm hehe
    kat said...
    durina maka buang sa kalami...balik na pod mahal ang durian diri Caikay humana man ang season pero palit lang japon kay unsaon man ning akong sakop nga pag aswang man aning durian...usahay amo lunch kay durian rah nyahahaha.

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