October 12, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

My Music Monday entry for this week is "The Animal Song" sung by Savage Garden band. Would you be like to an animal to be careless and free just like who sung it? (~_~). Let's watch this:

For more of my MM entry, you may like to visit it here .
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  1. kandi said...
    I love this song sis! I used to go gaga over them back then.. LOL.. Salamat sa bisita ha and pasensya na jud karon pa ko nka-bisita'g balik nimo. Busy kaau ko sis oi pro pramiz! ug naa koy time jud, bisita jud dayon ko insigida nimo..

    Kmztamos na? Kami mao ra jpon... Wlay hustisya, si fifi grabe ka-manyahon... HAhay! panganak pa! nyahahahha...
    kittykat said...
    i love savage garden..sayang lang at na disband na sila..

    btw..ako pala advert mo dito..yepey..thanks sis Cai..

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