September 02, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Oops! It seems a drama of soap operas. Ahemm.. it seems! It is specifically the signature products, Nike , am talking about peeps. Who don't want to have this popular brand? It is pricey but the quality is excellent. When it comes to sports wear, Nike brand is what comes up to my mind first. I don't know on you but surely Nike is popular so everyone would love to have this.

So far I have some branded stuffs but Nike brand is awesome to have. I remember one time I wore Nike shoes way back years ago but it was just a test! lol. How I wish I could have one of it as my own. Ooh poor me, eh? Just a thought that December is on the way. If someone of good heart will give me a gift of this brand, I would definitely jump for joy. Whew! I hope so. (~_~) How I wish!

By the way, buying gifts and stuffs from Nike brand , shopping Nike is very accessible already nowadays. It is just easy to find because it is categorized from kids, girls, men, and women. You can also select if you want the classic stuffs or modern ones. If you are a bargain hunter, sale Nike products also are available. If you want to see new ones, New Arrivals is the category. So with the computer and internet, we have now the choice to see and shop what we like especially checking out my ever wish Nike products .


  1. LetUpdate said...
    Nike is one of brands in world that guarantee the quality.
    Analou and Bones said...
    Nike brand is indeed a good shoes. I haven't got any yet but I bought one for my bro as a christmas gift a year ago. It's black in color and it's for basketball. wheeeyyyy.

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