September 02, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Two days ago, me and my husband watched news before went to sleep and the wildfire got my attention. It was until today that I checked the latest update and ooh the fire is still there in

Los Angeles, California Forest. The firefighters are still currently under high alert of the wild fire. Homeowners were already told past days ago to have a voluntary evacuate. 
Though firefighters were making progress in their battle against the blaze, yet it is likely to spread again when wind will blew up(if ever). I hope not. According to my source , the wildfire had ravaged nearly 219 square miles, or 140,150 acres, by early Wednesday(today). The blaze killed two firefighters, destroyed more than five dozen homes and forced thousands of people from their homes.Firefighters by the way were killed when their vehicle plummeted on mountain road on their way to fight the fire. For more detailed information, visit here .

Different state has it's share, the South and the Eastern part of United States(Tennessee, Alabama, Michigan, and the like) is prone to snow storm, lightning, wind. Some states has deserted place. Some International countries are prone to storm without snow, flash floods, tidal wave, etc. And California is prone to wildfire and earthquake.
I hope this will be solved as soon as possible.


  1. katherine said...
    Bitaw kabasa ko ani kay pero dili full...hehe headlines lang...TY sa pag post. bitaw maayo unta mahuman na na kahadluk sad ana kung mudako na pag-ayo.
    Chris R said...
    Wow! what a sparkly site you have.

    The fire makes me very sad. I go to those mountains with my children very often.

    Now I am afraid to go back.

    So sad :(
    al bruno said...
    Oh good, that’s always progress, poor people that have to endure such a tragedy; our prayers to the Lord are with you. Keep strong…

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