September 17, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

This coming Tuesday(September 22) is the first day of Autumn here in USA. I don't know about other countries who have fall season yet but I guess it is just closer of this date. Aside from Spring Season, Fall Season or Autumn has been my favorite seasons so far for more than two years of stay here in America. The reason is when it is summer, it is really warm and for the winter it is really cold. Unlike the Spring which is next to Winter and Autumn which is next to Summer. I hope that the weather will not be sizzling hot since the highest temperature forecast here (where I live) is 94F. Whew! What about you, are you excited for the autumn season?


  1. Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    Yes, I'm so excited cai..malamig lamig na dito lalo na kapag gabi...
    sa winter dito...nako sobrang lamig hihih...snow na naman...madulas ang daan..
    dhemz said...
    waaaaaaaaaaa...madam sis karya, I hate fall...kay kapoy mag rake sa dahon woi...tawon..gamit napod akong silhig!

    na tawon, fall naba diha sa south? sos dire tawon nga init pa sa desert....ang weather dire nga summer pa man kaau.

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