August 05, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

The food below is what I always said- see at the last paragraph of this post - that I will already have to cook the noodles that I craved to eat. This is a Pinoy(Pinoy is same as Filipino which are the people who live in the Philippines) food which is very common in Asian Countries. Usually eaten by rice(and am one of those), some just eat it alone since noodles is same nutrients to rice(carbohydrates). Anyway, the recipe is just simple.

yellow and white rice stick noodles
shrimps(peeled and deveined) or shrimps ready to eat in a pack
salt and pepper to taste

What I did for the procedure was that I peeled the carrots and potatoes and wash then, I chop into cubes. After chopping, wash it again and put the potatoes into water above its level to avoid discoloration(dark) and set aside. I then soak the rice noodles into water until it was smooth so I can cut it to the desired length. After cutting all, I drained it from water and set aside. Next was I chop the pork into cubes and prepare the defrosted shrimps. After that I got the wok(skillet) from its cabinet and put into stove with oil then warm. Before it was warm, I made it sure that I already slice the onion with the garlic. Afterwards, I put on the sliced onion and garlic, then let it a little brownish color then put the pork and let it stand for three minutes with the carrots and potatoes, then put on the noodles and mixed. I let it stand for three minutes again and put seasoning and the ready to eat shrimps in a bag as well as the cabbage. Then wait one minute then mixed again. And done! Happy eating! (~_~)


  1. Dhemz said...
    my gosh...kalami ani madam sis..naa pay nabilin diha kay mangayo ko...d uroy ko ka balo ug luto ani....tanghon ra ako bal-an...malata man kung maghimo ko ani nga putahi
    kittykat said...
    hala favorite gud na naku in kahit may veggies yan lalantakan ko pa rin yan..

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