August 10, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.
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In Philippines, this is the basic of every meal--rice. We eat this 3 times a day or sometimes more if there's no for snack. I mean it's not only that it's together with a viand. And am one of those peeps that it seems I didn't eat even if so much food intake already if there's no rice, it's still nothing. For now, I can eat already only once a day with it so am glad with the progress but still my taste will find it. Anyway, rice is rich of carbohydrates which is equal to bread and noodles. One thing funny because if I eat noodles I still have to eat rice because I view noodles as viand because it has pork, shrimps, or etc in it. (~_~). So that's it. That's how important rice with me and most people in the Philippines. And am glad I can have it as long as I want in the place where I(with hubby) lives.


  1. Jenny0323 said...
    I love rice. My day will not be complete if I can't eat rice.
    burn said...
    We really consider rice as our main staple food. We can't live out it.
    Analou and Bones said...
    Rice for me is still one of my fave food. I felt weak if I can't eat rice. Although I don't eat it 3 times a day now but my taste buds are still looking for it. My hubby bought me a 25 lbs of rice at a filipino store nearby. I still have probably 15 lbs left. That will take me a long way.

    How are you dear friend. I got a day off, that's why I am able to blog hop. Hope ur day is fantastic!
    Lulu said...
    cai, before andrea was born i can survive one week without eating rice... but now... di na pwede kay gutmon na man ko oi...
    Cecile said...
    as a pinoy staple, most of us (pinoy) can't live without it!

    i am glad, too kasi kahit saan meron nito di lang sa asian market kahit sa grocery meron din! eh :-).

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