July 02, 2009

I acknowledge my Top Entrecard Droppers for the month of June(day 1-30). This is from the record of Statistics in EC site. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart and all of the droppers who didn't make to top 10, yet, drops me as often too. I hope you didn't drop and run huh? (~_~). Anyway, I would also like to say that I will taking down slow now of dropping EC and make it not to drop and run (which sometimes I did it before) and I guess some of the top droppers too? (~_~). Well, I am determine now to at least stay at the site I will have to drop on at least 3 minutes of staying. What I will do for that time? I will read, comment, or message at the cbox/shoutbox/or any comment form corner and stroll in each site. Probably, I couldn't make the perfect 300 drops by then. Am proud to say that starting from the month March or middle February, I made it always 300 everyday. And just recently, sad to say that I found out my blog bounce rate is very big and determined now to decrease it. So folks, don't worry because it's just my time that I have to increase to visit you as always. And perhaps I will just drop to peeps who do the same. Anyway, Graham Langdon, an entrecard owner and manager, is taking an action against the bounce rate that I just read in entrecard blog and am happy about it. It's a coincidence that we're of the same time to take an action for my blog too. So back to my acknowledgement, I would really thank a lot to my visitors, readers, and all. So, here are the my entrecard buddies and co-bloggers who made the top 10:

DropperS: ------------------------ #of drops :
BMWF1Blog ------------------------------ 30
Secondary Roads -------------------------- 30
AGUSTINIANS ---------------------------- 30
Symphony of Love ------------------------- 30
Lainy's Musings --------------------------- 29
Everything Has A Reason -------------------- 29
The Ad Master --------------------------- 29
In This Life Of Ours ------------------------ 29
Girls Are Made Up of Sugar & Spice And
ng Nice ------------------------- 29
Random Ramblings ------------------------ 28

Thank you so much!

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks


  1. Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...
    Ayyy...di na naman ako nsali sa top hehehhehe....
    Cacai M. said...
    oo eh.. ba't naman sis? heheh.. absent ka kasi dahil sa kasalan.. looking forward of your pics though. Anyway, thank you still because as you're online you always be here.. muahh!
    Analou and Bones said...
    Hello sis Beck. It's ok that I am not included kasi I started dropping ec in June 24. I guarantee you that by July isa ako sa top 10 or 20....heheheheheh. How are you today? By the way, where I will know about how long my visitors stay in my blog? I am curious about it. Well, ingat dyan sa kanunay. See u around.
    AUGUSTINIANS said...
    my pleasure visiting your wonderful blog cai.

    thanks also 4 doin the same in my place... hehehe
    BK said...
    Thank you for the link. Have a great day.
    alf said...
    i have an award for you. please grab when you get a chance. happy weekend.
    Nedekcir said...
    Hey thanks for the linky love. Two of my blogs made it.
    kumagcow said...
    Sana ako din makadrop ng ganyan kadami... sus anghirap naman kasi mag blog hop noh?!

    NICE POST!..VISIT ME BACK PLEASE! @ http://www.kumagcow.com http://techcow.blogspot.com Thanks! :) SMILE!
    Mike Golch said...
    congrats to all your top droppers.
    laiza said...
    Hi cai! I really enjoyed visiting your blog so much that I am now following you. Hope you can also do the same for me. By the way I salute you for doing a great job in supporting other bloggers. I'm new with blogging and could really need your expertise. Thanks again.

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