July 29, 2009

I am very thankful that I got lots of awards both for this blog and for me as a blogger. No words can explain how amazed I am. Maybe it's not that very big deal for some but for me it's some kind of big appreciation when someone give to me either from my pro co-blogger friends or just acquaintances. It means to me that one gives it to me heartily and found my blog as worthy of what they give. I hope that's what really is on their mind and looking from my point of view, that's what it is. Thanks a lot for this awards below peeps! Kudos to you too!

Spread The Love Award
The above "Spread The Love" Award was given to me by Alf/Shimumsy who is a Mommy Blogger . And I love to spread the love! I was very happy that she recognized me and first of her awardee. Thank you MomiAlf! This was also given to me by Lisgold, Kittykat, David Funk, Nova, and Khaye. Thanks a lot for this all who awarded me. muahhh!

Friendship Chain Award
The "Friendship Chain" Award was given to me by Tita Vhing of her Other Side of My Life blog, and Te Beng of Entertainment & Spree blog. Thanks a lot! I will surely keep our friendship.

Elite Blog Artist Award
The "Elite Blog Artist Award" was being given to me David Funk of Basic Bloganomics and Ate Cecile of Down Home With The Kenyons blog. Thanks for being one of your elite awardee D and Te Ces!

Kreativ Blogger Award
The uniquely spelled "Kreativ Blogger" Award was being given to me by Anygen of Entertainment and Fashion Galore blog. We call each other Lola/Grandma--I am Lola Cacai and she's Lola Anne, isn't that cute friendship tag? (~_~) hehehh.. Thanks again Lola for this beautiful award you gave to me. I have this before but I just put this back again for our friendship. Hugs!

I would also like to grab this post to thank my reward giver EC buddies for their June Top Dropper{actually their successive months dropper.. (~_~)} namely: Bill of My Piece of Paradis e (net 1,000 ec credits), MomiShy of Worth's... Road(net 200 ec credits), Hope of My Thoughts in Daily Living(net 500 ec credits), and Te Willa of Fickleminded.. A Life That is Less Ordinary(net 100 ec credits). Sorry it's just lately that I saw the transaction entry--I was used to read it in email before but I just didn't what's wrong with the ec before that I haven't got any message about it. Luckily, I view the transaction section in ec site and I have thanked these peeps before the end of this month.

So, this is all for now and have a nice day folks! Thank you all for the unselfish thoughts!


  1. David Funk said...
    As always, you are so deserving of everything you get. It is nice to see how many people have given you those awards, too.

    Best wishes my dear friend!:)
    Bill said...
    You are very welcome my friend i am very appreciative also for you stopping by my site all the time and dropping your card. I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you.
    Anne said...
    My dearest lola/grandma, tnx so much for posting this again, even though before you've been posted this award too but i am so glad you posted this back.

    I do really appreciate this lola. You deserved to be called Pretty Hot mama...

    Yay, nyt na lola ha? sakit na kaau akong mata...

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