July 05, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

The 4th of July went well with me and my hubby yesterday . Aside from learning a little of html codes yesterday through my Madam sis Dhemz and do the blogging as well as the hopping to my favorite blogs (am sorry to those haven't been visited due to the holiday--I have also to do my day-off... (~_~) even once a week or two. Anyway, I had my ripe banana in the ref and it was about two weeks already there that I always plan to cook for sweetened-banana but it happened that until now I haven't cooked it yet--am not that lazy huh? There were just stuffs that needs to attend more than cooking it. Anyway, we have food in the house and I don't forgot to take my vitamins everyday to get rid of some health problems. Remember, health is wealth! So then, so much for this. I wanna share to you the ripe banana I cooked last night which is fresh from my refrigerator. There's some kind of dark--that's because of the power of stashing it in my ref. And here was my 3 pieces ripe banana(click images to enlarge):

cooked unpeeled ripe banana

cooked and peeled ripe banana--ready to eat

Anyway, I would like to grab this post as part of celebrating yesterday's occasion to thank my ever kind bff Rechie for the ec credits she gave me yesterday of her Chuchie's Hideaway blog(250 ec credits), and for today she transferred me 250 each of her other two blogs, namely: Whereabouts , and Scrap Collection as her Top 1 dropper for this month. This is her second time sending me credits(500 ec each of her 3 blogs)--the first was during my birthday. Thanks a lot for the ec sis and for the help before as I was just started this blog of mine. Kudos to you! You're one of my treasure! kisses!

Have a pleasant Sunday folks! muahhh!



  1. niko said...
    sarap!!! gusto ko to pag umuulan... hmmmm parang sleeping time lagi pagkatapos kainin :D
    Cacai M. said...
    Yep, thanks for your comment PrettyMommaNikz... and congrats for being my FC! muahhh!
    yen said...
    hi cai, wlay saging ingon ana dri sa nl. pangitaon kaayo. will give you some credit on my free time! promise yan..
    kirin said...
    Thank you for your comment in my blog and also I know you drop my ec so frequently while I rarely have no chance to sign in to ec. Sorry for that. But whenever I do, I'll try to drop yours. ;)

    You are working very hard on your blogs. I didn't know you have other blogs too. Now you're learning HTML, too? Sounds great! I am so bad at tech things and so I ask my friend to do HTML/CSS/web design etc. for me and in return I help him English. :D
    Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...
    Wui sis, hehehe nkapaoverwhelming..thanks for the mention.. About the ec credits, those are gifts for your effort...i am really speechless with your ec dropping power hehe..anyway thanks for mentioning my blogs sis..

    Etong ripe banana, sarap nito with salted fish dip, hehehe sobrang adik kay even if the banana is ripe i still eat them with salted fish dip..lami raman jud ang ginamos
    Analou and Bones said...
    Hello Beck. That's yummy, in fairness I bought six banana like the one you have but it's not ripe yet. I am planning to cook it for lunch with my favorite dried fish (bulad). I can't wait. Sometimes I am like that, I have foods in our ref that needs to be cooked and yet I don't have enough time because of working full-time, blogging, cleaning the house(although my husband is the one who always clean it....hehehehheeh). Well, my friend, take care and thanks for the call yesterday and for the infos. You're really a great person....
    Lulu said...
    Sarap... i miss this too! Perhaps I have to watch for it at the Filipino store... sarap nyan gawing banana cue
    Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    wow kainggit naman yan saging na saba..ala kami nyan dito.. =(
    btw, ang bait ni chuchi ^_^
    Dhemz said...
    woi kalami sa saging madam sis...I had saba last week...I deep fried them...hehehe...:)

    woi suggestion, don't put bananas inside the ref...it gets rotten easily....:)
    CheL said...
    Sus kalami nlng mn ana Cai..Naa p b dha?
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello everyone in here thanks a lot of your sweet comments.

    To Lulu, am planning to do the barbecue like what you said next time or like Madam sis Dhemz said deep fry it--I miss that cook too!

    To An, happy eating banana mix with the salted fish!--Chuchie likes to eat ripe banana with the salted fish! yummm! and spoiled at hubby huh? heheh.. me too sometimes.. heheh.. lucky us!

    To Yen and Kirin, thanks a lot for being here.. muahhh! and yeah am learning a little about html (hard a little--thanks to the helpful Dhemz to put up my layout on my other blog.. muahhhh!--have to transfer the 10T ec credits after blog hop sis. Lab yah! ty a lot!)

    To Chel, yep there's still here but I guess will do this for semi-binignit later.. want to do the minatamis but will mix it with taro root that will make a mix one called "binignit" heheh.. kisses all! Happy eating!
    hopeful said...
    Ang sarap ng saging. Bahalag saging basta loving. Sugot raka ana Cai?
    Cacai M. said...
    hahahah.. kaw jud Hope.. dli ko ana nga motto oi.. hahahah!

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