June 27, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I wanted to do this last week but some kind of got targeted of the word called "laziness" (~_~) ... that's why it's just now.. hemmm... it's not really interesting (I guess) but here's the food I made last week of which am missing and craving again now... (don't mind the date of the camera--it's one week late--, and etc. ahheheh..)...

ginataang-gulay(coconut milk mixed vegetables), fried fish, and paksiw na isda (fish stew)

By the way, here's my recipe of ginataang-gulay:

1 pack okra (sold in Asian or Oriental stores)
1 small bundle of kangkong
1 bundle mushrooms
1 pack big taro root(lavenderish color)
3 pieces onion leaves
1 small ginger
3 pieces big dried fish(optional)
1 big fresh ripe bell pepper(optional)
1 can (400 ml) coconut milk

(1.)Clean all the stuffs or wash again from refrigerator and set aside. (2.)Separate kangkong leaves from its stalk then cut squarely the taro root. (3.) Put the cut taro root into the pan and put 1 to 2 cups of water and boil, steam it for 1 or 2 minutes and after steaming, put the mushrooms, ginger, and bell pepper into it, then let it boil again. Then put okra, kangkong, onion leaves, dried fish , and the coconut milk. If you don't like to put dried fish or don't have any, just put salt to taste or knorr cubes. But take note if you otherwise put dried fish-- don't put salt anymore. And lastly, let it boil again. And done!

And about the fish stew, I just purchase that ready-to-eat and reheated for 1o minutes. It taste good when the mixed fish stuff soak for long minutes.
And about the fried fish, of course you know about it... (~_~) Enjoy eating!



  1. Analou and Bones said...
    Hello Beck. Ngeeekkkk oi, upon opening your blog, I feel immediately hungry. That ginataan looks so delicious. I always craved for that one. By the way the date of my birthday is on June 30. Going back to the food, I bet you eat one big full plate of rice with that ginataan plus fried fish. Very good combination my friend. How's your day going? I hope everything is fine.Take care and enjoy your weekend.
    Cecile said...
    this look yummy :-), thanks for sharing, i will try this next time just for a change :-)!
    anna said...
    yummy... one of my favorites...it makes me hungry again... I wish to cook like that one of these days but i think time won't let me.
    Liza said...
    Saraaapp! Daming gata. :)
    eden said...
    hi Cai, i love guinataan vegestables. in fact, i am planning to have it this week. i have to go to a fijian shop to get fresh vegetables that i needed for my guinataan.

    thanks for sharing the recipe Cai.
    jenn_US said...
    wow tsalap! wat kind of fish did you use to fry this cai? it looks yummy
    Grace said...
    Yum, yum. Filipino food will always be the best for me even if my mom cooks western food more often
    Hi! I'm Grace said...
    waah... I miss that food. :)
    niko said...
    Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    hi cai, gusto ko din yang ginataan kaso ala kong makitang fresh gata dito hehe.panay asa lata..di masarap may lasang chemical un gata sa lata .dati nag gata ako once lang di ko na inulit kc di masarap lasa hehe.
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello everyone in here, thanks a lot for being here especially the commenters of this post especially to Analou (First Commenter). I really appreciate of your comments folks and I will hit you back very soon.. I promise you that.. muahhh!

    To Meryl, yeah mostly it's in can but there's also fresh in coconut husk in here that needs to do the "kagod"(bisaya term--forgot the tagalog and don't know the english of this word..) but for me it's still good and ready to hit the pan after opening it.. heheheh.. I found it cool for me.. heheh.. well, we have different likes.. heheh.. I hope you can see the coconut milk not in can Mer so you can cook ginataan too. By the way, I haven't knew that you like ginataan too-- I thought you didn't like it and now I know.. thanks Mer! kisses!

    To ATe Ces, yeah you might it next time and let me know hah.. heheh.. ty!

    And to Maam Anna, Grace, Ate Liza, Ate Eden, Grace, Gracey, and Niko-- thanks a lot for the comment! muahhh!
    Cassey said...
    Coconut with vegetable? That's new to me, how's the test?? Just look at the picture i thought it was soya bean/milk.
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello Cassey, thanks for being here.. hope you will visit me again... by the way, it taste good-- actually that's one of Filipinos favorite food. You might try cooking it.. and let me know hah? muahhh! ty again for being here.. kisses!
    Dhemz said...
    omg! maglaway man pod ko ani madam sis woi...atot..maayo ra jud ka diha kay sige raman ka ug gata...ehhehe...:)
    Cacai M. said...
    ay oo unsa mn diay... heheheh.. ali dre ky lutoan tika... nahan pod diay ka gata noh? silingan pa lang ta, pura^ jud ka.. by the way, thanks for being here Madam sis Dhemz! muahhugs!
    ☆☆WILLA☆☆ said...
    i love ginataan,galing mo naman magluto. :)
    by the way, I nominated you as one of the Emerging Influential Blogs Of 2009.Thanks!
    ROSILIE said...
    sarap naman nyan sis? Ginataan is alway on my top list. hahahahha
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello Maam Ruz, really? heheh.. it seems it's a question eh.. heheh.. yeah ginataan for me is my top 1. Thanks for Maam Ruz!

    To Ate Willa, wow! that's an honor! thanks a lot! I will check it after this. muahhh!
    Puanani503 said...
    this is cool:) I think I'm going to try making this for dinner! I'm sure my hubby will like it! thanks for sharing, Cacai:)
    Juliana said...
    I've never tried including okra in my guinataang gulay. ma try nga siya minsan.

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