May 10, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

If your personal computer performs well, then good for you. In the opposite side or if not, then that could be a daunting task of a blogger like you and me, or even just a normal internet user this affects! It's been hard and frustrations occur especially if it's time for posting, blog hopping or blog walking, and browsing or even just watching movie online and etcetera and so forth in which whatever you like to do with your personal computer really affects if the performance is not good or poorly one. Doing well online will not likely to happen. With that, it is good to know how what are the things that affects it why it does not performs well or the causes of poor pc performance and how to increase it's performance ability so all will be in good terms. It has been reported that temporary files stored in our pc which are not really important and can't be used always that can be called as junk files that stacks up our pc is the first one which could contribute to poor pc performance. Whatever files temporarily stored are advised to be deleted if you wanna keep the pc performance functions well unless otherwise if one has a large volume of gigabytes available for storage, if not then it is advisable to delete it. Web browsers too, recycle bin, getting out of date of the programs installed inside the hard drive could also affect on it as well as the recycle bin that the files in there has been completely deleted all. Check if the recycle bin is empty so the computer performs good. Unused files, programs, and invalid registry entries can cause of it too. I let my husband bought the external hard drive and am glad I have it already. I did also some spring cleaning on my pc files and programs that are unnecessary and deleted them to free up the space. So now, I have a good pc service and am loving it!


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