May 10, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

This tag was given to me by my two sweet and charming friends David of Basic Bloganomics and am so sorry the other one named because I couldn't find her post or herself (to the concern, pls message me so I can include you in my list in here.. believe me I was looking at that post over and over again but I couldn't find - the thing is I forgot who gave it to me, what I remember is that she's a woman and a newly-found friend in here. Again, so sorry for this. I will get back in here as soon as I find it). Thanks a lot my two thoughtful friends. I really appreciate the thought you've been given to me. Thanks so much. You truly are an amazing friend of mine. So then, here are the rules and my 15 You's as well:

1. Write anything about 15 persons you know.
2. Don't mention the names of these 15 persons you are referring to.
3. If someone would ask who are these persons, don't tell them.
4. Tag 15 persons but don't include the persons you included in your post.

1. You - are an honest and can be trusted person.
2. You - did greeted me happy birthday and I appreciate it a lot.
3. You - finally packed up some stuffs for your family in the Philippines.
4. You - are a bookworm.
5. You - are fond of koi pond.
6. You - are an amazing person and a God-believer.
7. You - did great and you deserve it!
8. You - are my newly-found neighbor and such an amazing woman and I salute you for being a hardworking one.
9. You - good friend of mine, but moody one.
10. You - are cool person and am happy to found you as my friend.
11. You - can never be like that because you are you - unique and human.
12. You - have a very nice voice over the phone.
13. You - are my savior.
14. You - are pregnant and am happy for you.
15. You - can be a girl and a boy (lol).

I will keep this tag to myself but whoever want to grab, feel free folks... I will be glad if you do that.. Have a happy day!

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  1. David Funk said...
    Thanks for posting this my dear friend.

    I find you to be an amazing, beautiful, and sweet friend!

    Best wishes always!:)

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