May 20, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.


Bogging isn't easy without a fast Internet connection. Time is gold--every minute is important when you're in front of your blog, isn't it? For me, I would be very much alive if my Internet connection will be upgraded into Charter Phat band Ultra60 Internet Speed which I could have my ultra-streaming of watching online movies, shows and trailers, NCIS episodes, law and order series, sports, news and more with no pauses and jumping; instantly download music libraries, photo albums, and high quality videos; play games, cards, text twist, etc. with no more annoying lag; and of course of ultra safe which has the fastest response to virus threats and best virus protection to prevent file corrupt and crashes. This service offers powerful PC protection at no additional cost. How cool is that folks? You can then use your Internet connection in all new ways at super high speed. Wow! I could be blogging better then.. how I wish I have this service already but I will just wait. I hope it will be very soon. Actually I just called (877) 959-1627 which I found at it's site and an agent immediately responded me, it's just unfortunately the service is not yet in the place where I live now. Hubby said we will get it so I am looking forward of this service soon. I will be patient until then. How about you, would you like to upgrade your Internet speed? Why don't you go to Ultra60 Information Page to know the detail or call right-away the number I just dialed if such service crawled already in your area? Why don't you check it out and grab the special offers it has? As to what I know, Phat band takes broadband to the next level and has it's next level of super-fast tier service. DSL technology can't keep up with cable. For more information and updates, visit and follow Charter’s Twitter Feed . Have a nice day blogging and browsing folks! Check it out...

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