April 27, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Introducing my youngest sister as well as the youngest sibling of mine on my father side and her pet chiqui - the rabbit. Lovely is what our family call her that turn to became her nickname. She loves pet very much and every time my father handed a pet to her she's very happy and she's the one taking good care of it. From bathing up to feeding, she's in it when talking about pets. I remember she has 2 white mice before and it's so very cute and entertaining, she takes good care of them very much. And she cried when something happens especially when it died as if a part of her life just like a family. She has also birds and some before but now only dogs and rabbit. She's really a very pet-lover person. Actually they have 3 dogs in the house and 2 rabbits. She likes to take good care of them not to mention my other siblings also likes such but not me, am so opposite when it comes to dogs and taking good care especially they're having they're pooh-pooh ahhh.. not my type but am good taking good care of person as well as she is. Actually she's taking up midwifery as of now and this coming October she will graduate and hopefully will take up nursing by next year. Am proud of her because she's one of my best when it's about money matters and handling conversation to family circle, that's why she's my right hand now when it comes to my father side. She dances very well too. I also like my other siblings but because my other sister next to me is already here in Tennessee, then she's the only girl in there and the one who handles the communication thing and very articulate about it that's why. By the way, you might wonder who's the other two in pics, the guy is my younger brother (older than her) and the kiddo is my niece(child of my younger sis - next from me) who is also my god daughter - that pic was taken at the house in Gingoog before my other younger sis came here. Anyway, that's all about it for now. To continue about pets, I guess being with them in the house and taking good care such is much about being used to it while you're still young. As to my experience, I just like to look and watch them but not to take good care and some. I haven't remember that I have one ever since, one time after I graduate in college, my aunt got a dog and I don't like it - even how hard I tried but I can't force myself to have one. I don't know.. even cat I don't! Maybe in the future.. hope so.. I tackle also about this because I understand that pets are useful too especially dogs - they can be our companion and guardian as to savior sometimes. Hubby wants to have cat in the house but I don't, well I guess he just discuss it to me since I can see he don't want too. heheheh.. Well, yeah maybe in the future. Am not closing my mind about that but not for now. Again, I don't have hate on pets but I just don't like it, just only to look and watch them am in it. heheheh.. Am impressed though to the peepz who has patience and attitude towards animals pertaining to this and that. Well then, happy having a pet folks! Kudos to all of you!



  1. Beng said...
    ganda ng sister mo.mana ke ate!
    Anonymous said...
    wow your youngest sister is so cute ^_^
    may i know her? ehehe gnun eh padaan lang po
    pabisita din sa blog ko ha?

    if you want na exchange links just contact me thanks

    anyway i like her but ehehe wla lang

    e2 pla blog q ehehe

    ROSILIE said...
    cute naman ng sister mu.lahi talaga kayo ng maganda.tulad nmin.hahaha
    Vera said...
    Your sister's very pretty!
    Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...
    I enjoyed seeing your pictures holding Wikki the rabbit--so cute! Can tell he's well loved! My Spunky Doodle, my cat, runs like a rabbit.
    Sugar said...
    Hahaha ! all my children love pets. We had so many pets a long time ago but then my husband started to have nasal allergies because of the hair .. so we had to give them all away. nice post !
    ☆Willa☆ said...
    thanks for your sweet words and also to your compliments abt my blogs, and no, i'm not 31 years old, I'm older than. ;)
    by the way, we gave Patrick a dog as a present when Kendrick was born,so he won't feel left out, unfortunately we need to get rid of it,now I'm thinking of getting a cat bec it's easy to take care of.
    btw, your sister is very pretty.
    Allen's Darling said...
    hi there... your link is in the directory.

    NovaS said...
    hmmm... she's as pretty as you are cacai.... sweet sissy ka pala ha...

    got you something here..

    hope you like it
    30ats said...
    awww, so cute! ^_^

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