April 15, 2009

Learning multiple language is appreciative but is it essential? Is it important to the living and such? I remember, Philippine hero Dr. Jose Rizal learned multiple languages from English to Spanish to German and such! Lots of languages he knew. As far s I knew, he travelled from one country to another, and different country has different languages so, he learned it so he could speak to locale. And now, how this affect to my subject? Is it related to the current situation folks? How did you see it as essential? For me, I find it essential as long as you want to speak to such person who has that language and knows nothing but such and the info that you want from the person is importand or some just like to be a friend of, a co-worker, classmate, seatmate, instructor, and etcetera and so forth. For business transaction too, understanding the signs, and all - this sums up to verbal communication.
Everyone got impressed to the person who knew the language that can communicate well verbally especially English for this is an international langua ge. Here in America, the language spoken is English as primary language and the other is Spanish or Latin. With this, everyone living here must know the language use even just English. The city place of community I am now speaks mostly of them Mandarin but also knows to speak English because as what I said English language is the primary and whole people understands when speaking of this language. However if you just know a little bit, knows nothing, or you just to improve your intonation, pronunciation, and some and all, you can goes to school either online or through the traditional way which is going to campus and some just have a self-study - get a cd or dvd to view and hear how it sounds and the translation. Such are all effective ways to get what you wanna know. So then folks, is it essential?

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  1. Lollii-Pii said...
    I'm fond of educating myself with various languages. I've been urging mom to enroll me to where individuals teach nihonggo, hangul, Finnish, etc. I find it significant enough since, as what you had tackled on, it's an intellectual way towards good verbal communication. lol. I dunno if that statement sounds equally right. My brain seems empty right now.. Perhaps, that's all I can utter for now..

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