March 04, 2009

posted by : Cacai M.

I was tagged by the beautiful and charming Mariuca. Thanks Marz for including me in your list. Lab yah though the title is opposite to what the content is, heheh. Yesterday, I wanted to post this with the You Shouldn't Meme but as I go along to answer- I just discovered that it's not that simple! Whew! Marz, why did you pass this along to me? huhuhuh. Anyway, I find this interesting and challenging- so here it is. The Rules:
Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions. You can't use any answer twice and don't use your own name for questions # 3 & 4. After you're done, tag 10 people.

1. What is your name? Cacai
2. A four letter word: Cool
3. A boy's name : Cario
4. A girl's name : Cassandra
5. An occupation : Chemical Engineer
6. A color : Camouflage green
7. Something you wear : Chinelas (lol)
8. A type of food : chicken noodle soup
9. Something found in the bathroom : comb
10. A place : Canada
11. A reason for being late : Cheering the basketball idol! ;)
12. Something you shout : Cheers! ;)
13. A movie title : Crime and Suspense
14. Something you drink : Canned juice.
15. A musical group : The Clark Sisters
16. A street name : Cheyenne St.
17. A type of car : Compact
18. A song title : Cluckers
19. A verb : chew

I wanna pass this tags to all who view this, okey guys, peeps, and fellas- JOIN THE FUN!

Beloved First Commenter: Monica


  1. Monica said...
    hi Cacai! happy Friday! ;-)
    _el@i_ said...
    wow, FC here! ;)r
    ""rare*jonRez"" said...
    i love your number 11! i am a basketball fanatic myself kasi! :)
    Umma said...
    This is a fun tag Cai.. how are you over there?
    Its weekend once again.. Im so excited bec its bonding time with the family every weekend.
    Arnie said...
    Waaa i thought na Tag kana on this from somebody,hindi ko tuloy nalagay name mo dun sa post ko,about sa award/tag na eto.
    cnsya nah :)
    shydub said...
    Hmmm im your first commenter here cacai hehe. Thats a nice tag but it needs a lot of thinking.
    Stopping here early to say Hi and have a nice weekend to you and your hubby.
    Mariuca said...
    Mariuca said...
    Hi cacai! Ha ha it does look easy but when u actually do the meme, it's kinda tricky eh? Anyway, thanks for having fun with this one, love and hugs! :)
    Cacai_Nad said...
    Happy Weekend Monica!

    To Elai, better luck next time Sis.. just keep on commenting here pretty.. muahhugs.

    To Jonrez, thanks and we're both the same- am really a basketball fanatic! ty for dropping-by.

    To Beautiful Umma, nice to know that it's weekend! How was it? I bet it's awesome as always, there's nothing more than bonding with the family. God bless.

    To Arnie, that's okey sis- you still have my heart and don't forget to include me next time huh? heheh.. lab yah sis..

    To Shy, it requires a lot of thinking but it's really fun indeed.

    To Mariuca, yep it's tricky! You give me difficult one huh? heheh.. thanks Marz, hugs and kisses too! muahhugs

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