February 01, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

How are you everyone? Seems its four (4) days that I haven't post of what have happened with. It's just been busy for the social networking/media thing here for my page rank and I don't know if I happened to add the gadgets and sites which are essentials. Anyway, am also some kind of my other work as a wife(cook, clean, arrange stuffs, etc.) and as me, personally. Yesterday I planned to post in here but I ran out of time for me and my husband bought stuffs for my for my school tomorrow, hope I still have the slot for such. Am excited to go to school again.. (~_~) I remember as was about to graduate college, I said to my self, I will not went to school anymore- I mean I wanna have a life which I don't want to think.. wheewww! .. as was very occupied with the lessons- fully loaded every semester for I also had to maintain my academic scholarship(Dean's List). Well, maybe unfortunate 'coz out of eight(8) semesters I only got two(2) semesters for half scholar and one(1) sem. for full scholar but at the same time fortunate too because just few students got that scholarship in private schools where I studied not university though but still hard. I had lots of struggles and hardships during that time. Well, I don't want to brag but I guess am worthy of what I did, right folks? Anyway, just reminiscing. And now, am excited again to go to school! Well, just follow me as time goes on as I will update you of my education journey.. I know everyone of us has a share. So, then god bless everyone. Have a pleasant day! (~_~)

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    we are expecting u in blog

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