January 21, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Last January 21 this year my friend(close friend) called me on the 11th hour that she needs me to be her witness for her status change from conditional permanent resident to permanent resident. As what we have know that as a fiancee entry, such person with the fiance has to be married or wed legally in here(America) so they could enjoy each others arms for life as a couple within three (3) months of arrival here. With that, after the wedding or before the three(3) months period the fiancee that has became a wife or the couple has to adjust the status of one's residency to be able to continue her existence as a legal resident. Moreover, 3 months before she was accepted as a legal alien or a conditional permanent resident- the couple has to remove the conditional status for the wife or husband(either of which who is an alien) for permanent residency. So this is where my friend lands for her status as a legal resident as I said to be able to be with each other for we know that- that's what a couple is, right? To be with each other wherever the other one is. (There's some exemption of this concept though.) To continue, I called my husband and told him for I don't like to go anywhere without him knowing. And here came, they (the couple-our couple friend, mother of the husband- which is the other witness dropped off at our house to get me to go to the attorney's office for the witness seal. They informed me the process and so on. So, we're already there at the office and minutes after the couple were called by the attorney, and they did the talking and we (the witnesses) did the signature after writing the witness form. But boom! the attorney didn't recognize me as a witness for I have a different specimen signature on my identification.. waaaaaahhh..!!! what a shame on me! Am sleepy though 'coz I had an overtime on my blogging- sleepless night. But that's not an excuse! Am dumb! huh! What a shame on me! I felt emotional on my self after the incident and that is because this is my first time of it that didn't match! It's of the same stroke but the content isn't! My surname got change though... I was used with my maiden name so the characters on my specimen signature got change too. But... Ohh my! This got bothered me from afternoon till my husband went home early from his work because he was worried on me as I said to him it can't remove on my mind! toink.. but that really is the truth. Well I got bothered because I remembered that when I was on my school years in the Philippines even when am still at high school, am very particular of the signature and the spelling and I make it sure that it is well-written before I show it to the concern person or the teacher itself. I can still remember that I was the favorite of my teachers to do the checking because am very particular and good with it. But with this incident now.. wheeeww! Where that concept is? huh! Anyway, that's a lesson for me. And I will really marked it on my mind and it will never be happen again. That's a promise to myself. Pretty good lesson, huh?


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    Cacai M. said...
    Ooh really? ... sorry about that "coach outlet".. :(

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