January 21, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Education is the learning of knowledge, information, and skills (according to Wikipedia). However, do everyone of us would like to be educated? Is it really important as human being living here on earth is educated? Is this important in interacting different kind of people or even for personal accomplishment? Is it really necessary to have education first before we can earn money in exchange of basic or day to day needs? How about for work?As for me, education is very important not only for my personal need and accomplishment but also to interact different kind of people of different values. Helping others after receiving it. I guess everyone wants to be educated. It's either free education or private or cost money to have it. It's really important that you have knowledge of how to do the task being given by the boss. It crumbles life when you don't have it. It's also important to understand people, to control our own feelings and behavior, being calm- and that am talking to self-education. Being cool and calm to handle situation is essential in every decision. Maturity (as to mind not physical) takes in afterwards. Well then, where am I now? Yes, education in every being is important. And how educated are you? Are you doing what you have learned in school for everyday life and dealing certain people even if they're not like you? I remember the poem DESIDERATA. I will post this poem next time for those who do not remember. I know everyone of us is educated by our own experiences. So then, keep in touch! Have a nice day!


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