August 01, 2013

Life is precious, so if possible we will give our best for this one life. Ready to accept all the challenges and surprises along our journey. 

" Life is too short " -- this is what I always hear since when I was young. Indeed this is true, we must have to enjoy life while we have that gift. God give us only one life and if possible we have to enjoy every single moment of it. But in some way, we are just human and need more exploration in life. Problems come along the way, challenges is there always. The only thing we can do is to pray and ask God to give us more life to live and to handle those situation from time to time.

So what is life really? In some way this is a philosophical question which everyone has different perspective what life is, when we say life, its an existence. Once you exist in this world you have life. " Life is a gift from God, what you become is your gift to God. "

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  1. Up Close said...
    ka gwapa gyud ni cacai ba? musta na sis. ang tagal ko rin nakabisita dito. :)

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