July 03, 2013

It is the little thingsthat drive you crazy: Where did I leave those papers? What is that guy’s name? Did I forget the bread again? What is her phone number?

In the grand scheme of things, they are minor lapses of memory. They may become more frequent and aggravating as you get older, but they are not necessarily a cause for concern. It may take you longer to remember a name than when were young, but you would probably retrieve it, even if it takes a few hours. To keep these petty memory problems from building up into major headaches, try some of the following memory techniques.

Pay attention. You often blame your memory when you can’t remember, but many times, it is just as much the fault of your attention span.

Make the unconscious conscious. Make a mental note of all the little things you usually do without thinking. Example: If you can remember where you left your car keys, every time you put them somewhere, stop and make a point of saying to yourself: I put my car keys on the table. It’s a new way of thinking, where you have to reiterate each action that you perform. Or, go back to where you came, in this way you are in the surrounding and the place you once forgot. Then you will be amazed, in few minutes of thinking you will get what you looking for.


  1. Ruth Hill said...
    Excellent ideas. I think we can always stand to improve our memory at any age.
    Healy Harpster said...
    Really? I never heard 'bout this before. I need energy, my body is too weak too! :( I should start loving chocolate. LOL!

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