June 30, 2013

Lunch is the middle meal of the day. At this time, our body has already use the food we have eaten in the morning and it is necessary to replace them in order to continuously have the energy by the body for the activities during the rest of the day. A nutritious lunch must have the necessary calories for energy in the meal journey. It must include rice, protein dish like meat, fish or poultry, and fruits and vegetables that make one satisfied, alert, cheerful and active.

Supper, on the other hand, is the meal we eat in the evening. Early breakfast means early supper. This is the time when each member of the family is more relaxed and has more time to enjoy the food being prepared. Well-planned and nutritious dishes are served in order to replace the nutrients used by the body. It his highly recommended to take the day’s last meal at least three (3) hours before bedtime. This will ensure a more restful sleep and better weight control especially if you're unto weight-loss journey.


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