July 15, 2013

Don't you love chocolates? I know a mom who really loves chocolates and she said how could she live her life without it? Wonder why? It puzzles my mind. Yes, I admit I do love eating chocolates but the fact that she can't live without it, that catches my attention.

Then came to my experience. One time, I was so sleepy (well, if you are on my shoes, " I'm always sleepy" is an underestimate sentence to describe my responsibility. To go further, that I can't explain as of now. But you get the hint, at least) that I don't have energy to do my responsibilities as a  mom which my  mind told me that I have to but my body was so weak. I had to find a solution, " I have to get going " and so I did. It came to my mind about what I thought about that chocolates thing. My thoughts about it and the theory I had in mind, why she said that. Chocolates has most the same effect as coffee, for me. Then I tried, eating chocolates to have my energy back. And it worked! Yes, it worked like wonders! I had my energy back then I tried it again days after, same result. So if I don't have any ideas that can think of and dark chocolates (or any chocolates is the only available), why not take the plunge eating it. As long as I'm not hungry (chocolates contain oil that may develop heartburn, there's a big possibility that you'll throw-up or tummy trouble if you're hungry eating chocolates), I am going to indulge myself in, if that's the only thing that can bring my energy back even at least for a moment then I'll do it.

What a journey it has been. An experience that I can prove to myself, thinking back how that busy woman/mommy cope up everyday journey she's in, and why she tells that. It may just only a metaphor but it connotes the idea that it actually is an energy booster as well as fights sleepy-ness.

Do you think so? Why, and why not?


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