November 01, 2012

"Yummy" .

That is what I said when I had a Chobani Greek Yogurt. I was alarmed that it has to be mixed all of the ingredients in a cup. And yes, I did. FYI, I also tried doing that in many yogurts before Chobani, but to no avail. I can say this is the yogurt that let me came back again and again. Came back to eat, not to run. Ha! Kidding aside. Yeah, it really is yummy-o!

Long before, I heard that Greek Yogurt is awesome in taste and to my surprise, I agree (I have a problem of trying again another yogurt because the taste were not good and I don't like to have another one again) to taste it. Until then I know that I am already loving the Chobani Greek Yogurt especially my favorite black cherry flavor and pineapple. :) The fact that it's non-fat adds my love for it. Ooh yeah, you gotta try this and check it out for yourself. Yummy!


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