October 30, 2012

Yes, I am. Actually, I just check my emails and such here online then decided to update a bit. And here I am. :-)

I was too sleepy and even now I still am but to fight for it I have to do something. And besides I just ate and it's not good to go to bed when tummy is full. And now I have two reasons. The third reason is being connected to my blog keeps my sanity in-tact or at least as of this time. How many times I wanted to hibernate or stop but I just can't for some good reason. So, I just have to keep going and blog sometimes. But my family especially my one year old and months child --- who needs my tender loving care,.is my priority. And I am handful because I have no one to turn to when it comes to taking care of her, except only sometimes --- my husband. But you also know that he is working, with that, I can't force him to help me because we need bucks to support for our daily needs and hers. And there goes from there. And you know what's next. I am just thankful that I am surrounded most with happy and positive people though there are still challenges when it comes to the opposite side but that's life, that's what it is, we just have to keep our sanity always. Alright? :-) Just a unsolicited advise to everyone who are also experiencing storms (not the Sandy Storm that made millions of people in New York City as of this time, without electricity power and such) in life. You know what I mean.

Okay, I felt cold earlier and I experienced a massive headache. Thanks goodness that it slows down now. And I can feel that I will be feeling fine in a minute.

And I don't need to shut my blogs off. Wuaahhh!


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