June 11, 2012

To save money from your salary, you must be frugal and spend money wisely. Another way of making it happen is to make a budget list to all your needs. Put the change into a box or a piggy bank on your desk. It may seem insignificant, but put there all the currencies and the change. Don't break the piggy-bank until you really need it. And if you buy something don’t use credit card better used cash because you’ll be more realistic when it comes about spending when money is in your hand.

If weekend, make your day busy with some funny things in home rather than spend your money in the cinema, shopping to the malls or going out for weekly activities. Saving money can be a challenge. But don’t worry, learn to enjoy it at the end. Organize yourself and try to invest in truly valuable things. Those are some ways to save money from your salary. Oops, you have also put in mind and differentiate what are things to buy which are essential or just wants.

Well, it is your life. It is your style. It is your journey and steps on being stress-free, financial debt-free. But, saving money is a general way. So think before you spend!


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