May 04, 2012

Being a mommy can be quite overwhelming. Usually, she is dealing with house chores (aside from taking care of the baby)  like cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the kitchen and all the areas of the house because a baby's immune system is different with a typical person. You know what an infant's immune system is. She/He can capture something and because an illness in just a snap of our finger's time. So it has to be cleaned, everything. And so while embracing such work, a husband should also has to help.

And that was what my Dear Husband did last night when he got home. Oops, not that complete cook like preparing the stuffs and such. Okay, I did the preparation of the chickens for him to cook. Preparation means washing and cleaning the chicken. I took-off the skins and put some lemons on it so it is flawless. :-) Yep, it needs to take-away the before-skin stuff before preparing for seasonings and flour coating.

Hubby can sense the overwhelming task I have and I am thankful of that. One thing also why he did it because he is asking something. Ha! When he does that, no questions ask for the reward. :-) Happy wifey me! Smiling. :-)


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