March 18, 2012

Being a first time mom in a journey of Cacai M. (yours truly) is really quite a challenging feat. You are doing loads of tasks all at the same time for the first time and most of the time you will really be hard pressed on trying to fit all of your tasks and chores into one single day, just so you can have a few precious free time and downtime the next day. Don’t you just wish you had more time so you can squeeze more work in? Or so you can enjoy and play with your baby more? Or so you can have a few precious hours to hang your feet for awhile and have 8 hours of sleep? I know it is just wishful thinking, really. Maybe, until my daughter is a few years older, spinning like a top to finish this and that chore will be a constant scenario at home. And maybe I would really have to consider getting a permanent makeup just so I can still look as presentable even if I am drowning in a mountain of dishes to wash and chores to finish. I saw this Permanent Makeup Barrie while I was finishing some online work a couple of days ago, and I must say, they are rather impressive and imagine all the time you can save when you do not have to check your face out in the mirror and apply all those make ups and what-nots every time you head out!


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