January 20, 2012

Every 21st day of January (in Philippines' time) marks the birthday of my biological mother. Yes, the one who brought me into the world, the one who carried me nine months on her tummy. I am an illegitimate child and I don't know the real story why it happened as like that, oops! Just kidding. Yes, I know. And nothing but fate is the reason. Alright. Whatever the story of some other people (I don't know what's the story of my mother for me, but she just don't want to open it up, after all that was already long time ago and she has already her family without me, beginning when I was nine (9) years old but that 's fine, that's what it is. Every person has a story to tell but for me, I just have to accept the reality, the actuality and leave as it is, nothing I can do anyway but just to accept and move on with my life. Grudge won't help! That 's for sure. God is good and he lead me in a good way.), I don't care. This is my life. My lovely life. :-) Positive attitude attracts positive vibe. Alright, this post is for my mother, Gloria who is celebrating her birthday today. I know she won't be able to read this but I don't care. This is my journal, my diary, and so. My random thought, my journey. I have to shout to the world wide web just to greet her a happy birthday. "Isn't that sweet"?, you might say and I don't know what to answer. I just want to let her know that I remember her birthday and wishes her all the best.


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