December 03, 2010

The date is December 3rd here in Philippines. I am (with my biological father, aunt Tata, Nang Linda (a Tabamo relative of great grandparents and aunt Tata buddy in her house} and my youngest sibling Lovely) here now in Tagbilaran, Bohol particularly in Dao Diamond Bed and Breakfast Hotel near in Island City Mall (ICM). I managed to do a little write-up (but I guess I can publish this as I am there in US already, just so you know) as this hotel has a free WI-FI. I am here together with my family just for a short tour, two days and one night though only a day for a regular tour as this afternoon we are just here in hotel, well as of this time. No definite plan yet if we will go jamming in one of Panglao white beach resort or go swimming and wrap-up for a definite plan together with the thought of Wena, my contact here in this hotel. She knows and help me some itinerary plan. Well, that is her job but still am thankful. :-) It is up to me then with the rest of my extended immediate family of the decision. Okay, basically the shoulder is upon me, as I am their sponsor. Hehe! And I am happy to treat them as I am also enjoying. Thankful for my husband too. I used to think to stay in Bohol Agricultural Center dorms since it is inexpensive but to my awe, to no avail as they won't accept without reservation. Well, I am overloaded with thoughts as I forgot to reserve it whilst I was in Gingoog or Camiguin as Internet connection of Globe Tattoo of my computer (or location) did not sound so good. Thankfully the connection here is great. Then I came here in this hotel without reservation too but we (Wena and I) had  a lot of email conversations already, thankfully their room is ready. She suggested the family room is great than getting their dormitory. This room has a nice ambiance. Many spaces and a big area for accommodation. 

(And above paragraph ended but not yet published due to some reason (well, for editing and others) and now it is done but the date remain the first date it was written.) 

By the way, after such conversation to the front desk and all, we managed to go to ICM to buy supposedly ferry tickets for tomorrow's travel to CDOC but to no avail, we got it at the on-set before heading to the ferry. Then had our dinner and some sight-seeing at the mall. After that, Lovely and I went swimming at the hotel with aunt Tata and Nang Linda on the table. Father didn't went swimming too, was at our room, watching TV for his comfort getting ready for our tour at 6:45 a.m. the following day as at 4pm we'll be on the ferry bound to CDOC. That is all for now. :)


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