December 01, 2010

I remember I saw a slogan in Benoni Seaport of Camiguin before, as it says "Camiguin, Come Again". And now it definitely shows how I feel. The biggest reason is I grew up here, most of my folks live here. So there is no way that I wouldn't miss this beautiful Island of Camiguin, Born of Fire.I am in second day now. It is morning here and by the way, the date and time of my computer has been adapted here too. Later, I (together with my sister and a cousin) will be going to Magting to go swimming at the seawater and visit some maternal relatives too. And ooh we will be eating roasted pig ("lechon") too! I will have to buy ingredients for young coconut later along with two big cans of fruit cocktail for a salad. I already called them to start to cook already so it is then ready to eat. You know. I have to go now. Ciao..


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