October 12, 2010

Gimme money! Hahaha! Aright, you might think I have a lot of money or I am obsessed about it. You are wrong, either which it do not apply to me but if you give me without something in return (I know it is impossible), then surely I will accept with all my hands or 10 fingers with all my heart. Hehehe! How is that? *wink* ;-)

I am a product of hard-lessons in life and with that, yes am resilient and committed to what I want or should I say, I need. Money is nothing if it forfeit our souls. Of course it is important as it is the medium of exchange especially here in United States but that is all about it. Your truly is already determined of just have enough (I guess most of all you do, maybe, just maybe since you are the one who knows about it), yes average or more a little more than average but of course it is great being rich but then that will be hard for me, for my situation or maybe if we will win a lotto. Ha ha ha! Oops, it would not be possible. :-D Okay, but I am striving not going down since I know how hard it is. I can sense some younger ones just don't really care about it. I do not know their future, especially if being pregnant young. Well, I guess they made their fate and that is being down though there are also some recovered. Ahhh.. my maternal first cousin came up unto my mind. I am disappointed, I just knew days ago she was pregnant. :( Now back to the main topic, just being silly and played the pre-graphics of my SGH-A777 (in case you may ask, just evidence. ha ha ha) phone and did some putting-up my photo and so it came-out below.
How do you like it? Ha ha ha! Errr.. corny.. :-P


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