September 27, 2010

The new passport which I applied last August 6th actually arrived this month (September)'s 2nd week, specifically on the 10th or 11th date. It was not sure what day it arrived since on that 10th day I was not able to get the mail which is unusual to me because I get mails everyday. Okay, it only seldom I lapsed one day. So that explains which perhaps it arrived on 10th or the next day. Nonetheless, it arrives on my hand though. :-) And did I tell you, it is an e-passport already? Yes, it is an electronic passport. By the way, Philippine Consulate e-passport issuance began just June this year. Below is its front image and first page. Yes, it is colored brown not green anymore. I got old green one.
And if you do not know, it is good for five years and before five years, it advisable to be renewed before its expiration date. Like for example Philippines passport was issued August 17, 2010 then it will expire on August 16, 2015. And so that was all about it. It was by the way my first time to renew my passport after marriage and had to report my marriage with my DH especially that my surname now was my DH's surname. I just remembered a co-applicant for renewal from Utah (Los Angeles is the place of passport renewal among states, she didn't report her marriage first and ended up her line-up time is a waste because she has to go first the marriage report. Imagine an hour (or perhaps hours) of waiting which ended up nothing. So just as an unsolicited advise. Please read the requirements before any attempt or else you'll be processing back to zero. A lesson to learn for her and advance learning to you too. :-) Glad I got mine without any hassles and I can travel now to my birth country at any time. :-)
On the left (green-colored) is an old passport while on the right (brown-colored) is the new, an e-passport. Can you spot its difference aside from its color?


  1. analou said...
    Hello Baje I am back. I am glad to hear that you got your passport already without any hassle. Sa brown pala naay nakasulat sa ubos sa word nga PASAPORTE din sa green wala. Musta naman u?
    Mel Avila Alarilla said...
    It's great that you got your new epassport. Well at least our consulate in the US has kept abreast with the latest technology in passport issuance. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
    Anne said...
    nakurat ko la, naglibug ko una ngano naay address sa imung blog imung passport hahaha... buing na. Anyways, wala ko anang green kay wala man ko paki alam sa mga passport2x sauna hahah... diha rako nikuha sa need na jud mao brown na ang akoang copy.

    Nanghalungkat man ka la, murag naa ni lawum nga purpose da heheh.
    Cacai M. said...
    Baje, lagi.. thanks ha.. and okay lang ko dre.. alive and kicking lang japun despite of the trials and obstacles.. :-))Baje, naa mn pod sa green baje.. ang brown lang naay chip sa ubos.

    @ Kuya Mel, yep thanks to our Phil. government particularly to the consulate for this. God bless you too Kuya Mel. Ty.

    @ Kathy, heheh.. hopefully. :-)

    @ Lola Anne, watermark na^ xa lola.. hehehe.. naglukat mn ko og passport saona ky before mi nag-meet sa akong DH nag-plan og nag-apply mn ko og Dubai but then 'ala mn xa sugot, so 'ala nlng as I comprehend, it would be good for myself and our future too. :) And lagi la, ky => a journey of thousand international miles begins with a passport bya^... :-D
    Dhemz said...
    agoy na intriga ko aning e-passport, ato pa diay ning june nag start ang e-passport madam sis? d day to e-p ako kay last year man ko nag renew...nyahahah!

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