September 16, 2010

I just got my winning last night. To tell you I am just happy. I am unlucky when it comes to raffles, contest, giveaway, name it! I don't even like to join. Ha ha ha! Lucky me, I joined and luckily I got it. Actually, my other blog won it. Thanks to the contest host and of course to God and to all of you!

It was awesome, I still cannot believe it until now even if I already have the money. Hehehe! Oops! Am not kidding, am serious. That is because out of 122 entrants, I am the lucky one who bagged the first prize, not only 5thou entrecard credits but two domains with web hosting (in wordpress platform, I guess such web hosting is good for one year or it would be best good for five years or lifetime.. ha ha ha.. joke.. lifetime is impossible, I guess) but fifty bucks too! I am planning to share my winnings. I do not have the domains with web hosting yet but no worries because that is a pledge and sureness already. I just have to contact Rubz, the domain angel as she call.

Okay, as I said I want to share it with you. I will ran a little giveaway for you guys (co-bloggers or not, to those who are not into blog or domain you can do whatever you like to it. Be it as your gift or alike) for that two domains with web hosting. For now I am still hesitant how would I do it. Now, will you please share your idea how? I do not want any video stuff through random(dot)org as it is very common. I want to have another way. Whatever that way, just comment it here and whichever comment I like the most, I will give the first domain with web hosting to her/him and the other one is for the winner of her idea of such simple giveaway. Just a tip, I wanted it just a simple only. So jot down your idea here. This will run until Monday. Do not worry I will moderate the comments and will only publish it on Saturday morning as I woke up (USA PDT time). So comment should you like. ;-) If no comment (perhaps haven't read or just so busy and alike, or perhaps not whatever you like to think) then apparently no winning. ;-) Okay, I will not campaign for this. I will just let it be just an ordinary post. Lucky reader/commenter will then get free domain with web host (note: wordpress platform). If no comment then I will just then think what will I do with it (generally). ;-) Good luck!


  1. nuts said...
    i just got i have no idea right now and i'm just a little bit's already past 12mn here and thought of dropping by here..kahapon pa ko gusto pumasyal dito. and my angel is right, guiding and whispering in sweet voice.. "go ahead in cacai's place, there's a good news waiting there"... lol..

    anyways, congrats for winning the contest.. ganyan talaga ang life, wala unlucky talaga, minsan lang nala-late ng dating, ske-schedule yan eh. haha.. congrats! ang saya talaga. iba talaga yung feeling ng nanalo, whatever amount ke big or small, ang sarap di ba..
    Dhemz said...
    hhahaha...congrats ulit madam sis...will send you the items soon...:) imo man jud gpakyaw woi...hhehehe!

    good luck sa mananaog madam sis....:)

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