August 18, 2010

For some reason, with more than three years haven't been able to soak into seawater is what made me wish with my dear husband and a family of my paternal half sister and possibly with my special friend who just now live and married in North Carolina. Yes, I and my husband live in east Los Angeles area and there are many beaches in this county but I want to go to other county with my family which Outer Banks, is the place of setting, in SEA-HAWK vacation rental of Sound-side particularly by Carolina Designs.

With its great amenities, beach, beautiful scenery which surrounds the house, lovely private pool on the look-at of an indoor pool table will be an exciting stress-free days for us. The sunrise and sunset await for us whilst sitting or walking at the nearby beach for most of the days. Or we can do the outdoor fun family bonding with a wide living room, a lot of television and alike to choose from which is great for a big family.

That would be a great bonding then! I wish it would be all free! *wink*


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