August 29, 2010

rose for friends as Sunday greeting. from me and my blog thru photobucket images/ FMK LOGO

Me and my blog and my other blogs (*wink) with my dear husband just want to greet everyone a happy Sunday! I wish you all the best with the best of health in there. Be happy and enjoy life! May this day brings you joy and happiness as you bond with your behalf, love-one, kids, family or friends. As for me here, the weather is beautiful! It is neither hot nor windy. I have a great time walking lately at the same time brought few groceries as my DH brought it two days ago. So I only had to get hot links, corn flakes, milk, excedrin, banana and ice cream! What a day! Ralph's store is not far from where me and my DH live, it is just five to eight minutes to walk. So I had what we wanted and at the same time I had my exercise. Whew! Fun! So then, again wish you all the best and happy Sunday! ;-) ~hugs~


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