August 29, 2010

First, it is a great feeling to have a diamond (be it as a ring, earring, or alike) but one has to think that it is impractical to buy it which in fact do not even have some bucks to fulfill one's need. But if one has a budget more than for a need, then why not buy it, right? After all, money are made for buying. At least one have some investment for future at the same time a person is happy for what he had gone, for beauty accessories for special and important occasion too! Though usually only jewelry store or a rich investor can buy wholesale diamonds but we never know some wealthy highly respected ones would buy it. It would be awesome. I know women mostly wanted diamonds than men. Who don't? Hehe. But due to financial matter, only some husband could give it. Thanks for the wife (or girlfriend) too for understanding the financial matter. Anyway, I may just want to wish perhaps one day my husband could win a lotto, I could then own or perhaps one of the investor of a jewelry store. Who knows! May he win (wishful thinking)! :)


  1. analou said...
    diamonds are really beautiful pero makabuslot lang sa bulsa. May gani gipalitan kos akong bana ug ring with diamonds after we got married....Kumusta na Baje.
    Cacai M. said...
    Agoy nah mao gajud baje.. mao bah.. wow ha.. bantayi gajod na^ imong diamond dha ky basin og naa nag-lurk around nagbantay kinsa'y naay diamond.. hahaha.. thanks for being here baje.. muahhh!

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